Fluidity – the secret sauce that enables marketing innovation
August 4, 2023

Marketing innovation has become a key priority for the forward-thinking, 21st century business. However, it is not all about acquisition strategy with customer experience a major differentiator for brands. As a result, the scope of the CMO continues to expand, requiring more flexible operating models and new ways of working.

Our previous blog in this short series focused on how the marketing role has been changing as a result of the shift to online, improved digital capabilities and businesses exploring direct-to-consumer (D2C) strategies.  This has put a spotlight on marketing’s role in revenue generation – albeit that has always been the role of marketing even if the perception was often otherwise. 

There is no doubt that for many organisations the market landscape of changing customer behaviour, increased competition and economic uncertainty has increased the focus on customer acquisition within marketing teams – with marketing leaders taking on more responsibility, accountability and scrutiny for short-term sales.

This has created a clammer for marketing innovation, which is not always clearly defined but often generates a rush to adopt new technology to address perceived issues.